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Cartridge 6mm Creedmoor
Grain Weight 108 Grains
Quantity 500 Round
Muzzle Velocity 2960 Feet Per Second
Muzzle Energy 2101 Foot Pounds
Bullet Style Polymer Tip
Bullet Brand And Model Hornady ELD Match
Lead Free No
Case Type Brass

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Hornady Match Ammunition 6mm Creedmoor 108 Grain ELD Match

This ammunition  6mm creedmoor is of a bespoke grade from the manufacturer and is loaded to exacting requirements. These specifications ensure that the right ignition will occur and that each shot will have the same consistent, match-winning, pinpoint accuracy. Performs on par with or even above the level of handloads. This ammunition is brand new, produced in non-corrosive brass casings with boxer primers and is capable of being reloaded.


6mm creedmoor ammo

High-BC bullets typically have conventional polymer tips, which melt during flight. Engineers working with Hornady made the discovery that standard bullet tip materials melt and deform when used in streamlined bullets with a high BC.

Despite the fact that aerodynamic heating does not pose a substantial problem for moderate BC conventionally tipped varmint and hunting bullets, it does cause a drop in BC and a degradation in accuracy, particularly at extended ranges (more than 400 yards). In order to mitigate this effect, Hornady discovered a heat-resistant material and developed the Heat Shield tip, which currently has a patent pending.

This innovative new tip produces the ideal meplat (tip) with results that are incredibly consistent from one round to the next and from one lot to the next. The Heat Shield tip is designed to defy the effects of aerodynamic heating and maintain its shape in order to produce a perfect meplat (tip) that has the same shape at all times.

6mm creedmoor ballistics

An extremely accurate and high BC match bullet is created by combining a streamlined secant ogive with an optimal boattail design, highly concentric AMP bullet jackets, and a patent-pending Heat Shield tip. This combination results in a bullet that is extremely accurate. Doppler radar is used to make measurements, which are then adjusted to account for the atmosphere at the standard pressure and temperature.

Cartridge dimensions

The 6.5mm Creedmoor has 3.40 ml (52.5 grains H2O) cartridge case capacity.

6mm Creedmoor

6.5mm Creedmoor maximum C.I.P. cartridge dimensions. All sizes in millimeters (mm).

Americans define the shoulder angle at alpha/2 = 30 degrees. The common rifling twist rate for this cartridge is 203 mm (1 in 8 in), 6 grooves, Ø lands = 6.50 mm (0.256 in), Ø grooves = 6.71 mm (0.264 in), land width = 2.29 mm (0.090 in), and the primer type is large rifle or small rifle depending on the cartridge case manufacturer.

According to the official C.I.P. (Commission Internationale Permanente pour l’Epreuve des Armes à Feu Portatives) rulings, 6.5mm Creedmoor can handle up to 435.00 MPa (63,091 psi) Pmax piezo pressure. In C.I.P. regulated countries, every rifle cartridge combo has to be proofed at 125% of this maximum C.I.P. pressure to certify for sale to consumers. In CIP-regulated areas, 6.5mm Creedmoor chambered arms are proof-tested at 543.80 MPa (78,872 psi) PE piezo pressure.


The 6mm Creedmoor as parent case


6mm Creedmoor, 6.5mm Creedmoor, and.308 Winchester are the order they appear in, starting from the left.

The 6mm Creedmoor is a necked-down version of the 6.5mm Creedmoor that fires bullets measuring 6 millimeters (.243 inches) in diameter. These bullets are lighter than 6.5 mm rounds and have reduced recoil in a manner that is comparable.

The first documented conception of the 6mm Creedmoor was made by Lee Gardner, a Snipershide forum user in May of 2009. John Snow at Outdoor Life built a 6mm Creedmoor rifle in 2009 for a magazine article of the wildcat cartridge that appeared in 2010. However, the article about the wildcat cartridge did not appear until 2010.

As of the month of May in 2018, Savage Arms carries four rifles chambered in the 6mm Creedmoor: three bolt-action rifles and one semiautomatic rifle.

As of the month of May in 2018, Hornady provides 6mm Creedmoor ammo in three different grain weights: 87-gr Varmint Express, 103-gr Precision Hunter, and 108-gr Match.


The performance of the 6mm Creedmoor and the.243 Winchester is very comparable; however, the 6mm Creedmoor has slightly less powder space and is frequently loaded to somewhat higher pressures.


Additional Information

Customer Reviews (4.00)

(21 customer reviews)

21 reviews for Buy 6mm creedmoor | Bulk 500 Rounds | Available In Stock

    August 10, 2022
    Would this round be good for hunting deer?
    January 23, 2022
    Work fine for me I like the non- plated finish.
    January 23, 2022
    I have been re-loading since 1978. Winchester primers are my go to primer when they are available. Very consistent in ignition and superior in performance overall.
    January 23, 2022
    I used them for reloading, as my Reloader hates CCI
    January 23, 2022
    Winchester primers have been around longer than I have and have always done the job exactly as expected. I will continue to use them.
    January 23, 2022
    Finally in stock
    January 23, 2022
    As a revolver shooter it was important to find a primer with a soft cup to replace Federal primers. The Winchester primers work fine which is important in speed competitions.
    January 23, 2022
    These are my choice for all the 45 ACP I load. I load a lot, shoot a lot, and these Remington primers NEVER let me down. The package/trays are very small and store more efficiently.
    January 23, 2022
    My order for the #2 1/2 Remington primers was to add to my current supply. I've used the Rem #21/2 for 35 years of reloading and have never been disappointed.
    January 23, 2022
    I started reloading at age 11. I'm 61 now and shoot 15000 reloads a year down from 30M or so when I was a Law Enforcement competitor. Now as then always Remington Primed. They've never let me down.....unless it was my fault. I've tried other brands but feel like I'm cheating on my wife when I do. Nothing is like Remington.
    January 23, 2022
    Use these primers for my 45 acp. Good functionality with no problems encountered. Don't know of anything really negative to say about this product.
    January 23, 2022
    Excellent primer. Very consistent priming and to date I have never had a bad primer.. thats 40+ years and over 100,000 Remington primers.
    January 23, 2022
    Worked everytime I pulled the trigger. I use them in the .45 auto rim and .44 mag. No problums ever. Been using them for years......Doug
    January 23, 2022
    Unlike a competitor's brand, I haven'e had a single misfire. They also feed perfectly through my old Dillon RL 450. Very pleased. Price was good also.
    January 23, 2022
    I purchase these primers mostly because they were such a great deal. I have been pleased with performance. Ignition has been 100% so far (several hundred shot) and they are very easy to seat. At first I thought too easy, but I've had no problems at all in that regard. I find Remington LPPs to be equal to CCIs or Tula products. Look for your best deal and buy!
    January 23, 2022
    I ordered 5K of these LPPs when they were on sale hoping they would be good performers in my 45acp reloads. I am not disappointed! They are easy to seat (I thought too easy at first) and I am pleased with their performance. Every primer has fired so far... several hundred loaded and shot so far. I find these equal or better in quality to CCI LPPs. Great product
    January 23, 2022
    Remington primers are my favorite whether the smallest or the largest and all in between. I have never had one fail in four decades.
    November 23, 2021
    I use them to load 45 ACP. Very happy with them.
    Megan vouche
    August 12, 2021
    What's not to love? Submitted 2 years ago By James From Louisiana Verified Buyer Excellent product that goes "bang" every time. Very consistent results from load to load. One primer for magnum and standard large pistol rounds simplifies my inventory situation. Try them and you'll love them also.
    Author Mark
    April 21, 2021
    My standard for 45 acp. Wish this order would have made it to my door - ups lost it.
    May 20, 2017
    As a competition Cowboy Action shooter for over 25 years, I have never had a primer related malfunction with this brand.
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